ComMetrics weekly review: White House to Adobe

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2009/07/26 · 7 comments 10,176 views

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Short link blogging coming your way this week – interesting material to gain insight instead of hindsight.

In case you missed the last five weeks’ best links:

Very useful links: George Soros to US Homeland Security for week 25.
Very useful links: OECD to Twitter, Google via Coca-Cola for week 26.
Very useful links: Wiki to YouTube for week 27.
Very useful links: Qwerty to WEF for week 28.
Very useful links: Facebook to Morgan Stanley for week 29.

Social Media TOOLS and GUIDES, Best practice
#trends2watch => LinkedIn Recommendation brings liquidity and transparency to reputation economy => US maybe? EU NO Way José – #sillyness

White House has official Twitter accounts but Twitter blocked on official White House computers – press secretary explains: ‘waste of taxpayers’ money’

#trends2watch => TV Guide and Business Week: Twins? both struggle but… serving a need NOT necessarily – social media failure

YouTube – Carbon Footprint – using Twitter, YouTube, Xing does not help your #carbonfootprint either – your Coke can takes more than 50 years be careful

Iron ore spot prices forge path to $100 – China iron ore imports make up 52% of world imports – watch graphic  #metrics2watch #trends2watch

VERY USEFUL – deficits in state budgets – troubles across US – interactive graphic #bettergovernance (see chart to the right)

#trends2watch – A survey found hedge-fund assets risen by $100bn, 2nd Q 2009. 1st Q increase in a year. The rise was mostly because of an improvement in investment performance rather than an injection of new capital. Investors withdrew $43 billion from the industry in the quarter; in the final quarter of 2008 they redeemed $152 billion #crisis

Actionable Metrics and Standards – Best Practice
Porsche VW corporate soap opera builds up to cliffhanger Wiedeking departure paves way for two carmakers to integrate

Porsche Wiedeking’s financial engineering results in failure BUT gets €50m payout & earned €150 during last 2yrs #bettergovernance

Adobe confirms zero-day vulnerability for Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat AND Adobe Reader, > Application Flaws  – #threats2watch

BUT above Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat AND Adobe Reader ‘zero-day vulnerability is eight months old | is this a responsible vendor or one being plain stupid or just irresponsible? #bettergovernance  – #patch2do #bizethics

Microsoft plans to issue 2 patches next week – will fix vulnerabilities => Internet Explorer browser & Visual Studio developer suite that allow attackers to remotely execute malware – critical –  #patch2do

–  2nd instructional video uploaded on our ComMetricsLive channel on YouTube – how to claim your blog made easy – tracking your performance#things2view

To see how well your blog measures up using actionable metrics register your blog with

What corporate bloggers should watch out for:
1) Lessons 1 – 4: Starting your blogging off on the right foot (2009-06-03)
2) Lessons 5 – 7: Setting the stage – ready – go (2009-06-03)
3) Lessons 8 – 11: Whatever domain, home you choose – beware
4) Lessons 12 – 13: Getting the basic SEO issues right

Okay, now it’s your turn. What important links to insights discussed in a blog post this week did we miss? Please add it below. Thanks much.

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