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Update 2013-09-03: Thanks to @fashionknitsta. We corrected the error we made with 

Thanks to Maria @StyleKingdom and Sophie @theLIPSTICK_net for pointing out: The category “Fashion blogs” includes fashion, street style, beauty AND lifestyle blogs.

Who are the top fashion bloggers?
What criteria do fashion magazines use to create blogger lists?
How does a fashion brand decide which blogger to sponsor?
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Do blogs matter in the business of fashion? Daniel Plenge, director of digital at Marc Jacobs Intl., New York, thinks so and was quoted as saying, “They are instantaneous, organic and fans are more apt to relate.”

While blogs may help accentuate the brand image, as well as align it with a particular audience or sought-after clientele, how do we know if the blog content resonates, such as, “what should I buy?”

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Crowdsourcing – see what the cat drags in

One way to find out which bloggers are popular with your clients is to run a contest, like Neiman Marcus did. Each finalist was promised a US$1,000 gift card and their portraits were posted for voting on and The grand prize offered was a US$2,500 gift card, allowing the crowd to decide who wins.

Another approach is to ask readers to submit names (again a crowdsourcing approach) and then let the editors choose and decide. This is what Marie Claire UK did for its inaugural award in 2012 (good luck finding out who won in 2013…).

Create your own list

Many people create their own list, which can be refreshing. For instance, fashion journalists have tried to come up with London’s best: fashion blogs, a personal list in which the journalist clearly explains her choices.

Cision tries another approach, and publishes, Fashion blogs UK: Top 20. Unfortunately, this list neither gives us the criteria that was used nor does it provide reasoning behind how the potentially subjective list was chosen.

CyTRAP BlogRank – top 50 list

Click to view ComMetrics infographic - Ranking Fashion Blogs?The CyTRAP BlogRank is an algorithm that assigns a numerical weight to each blog post, in order to obtain the score, which ranges from 0 (worst) through 100 (best).

CyTRAP BlogRank is calculated using  SIX indices: Headline ScoreText Complexity ScoreFirst Impressions ScoreKnowledge Transfer ScoreOnline Word of Mouth Marketing (OnWOMma), which is made up of the Ripple Score (LinkedIn, Twitter und Facebook), and the Engagement/Social Interaction Score.

Who was included and why?

We went ahead and used all the lists mentioned above and included these blogs in our list. In other words, we deferred to the experts from fashion magazines, designers, afficionados and many more to get a list of blogs for the UK.

Just for (very useful) fun, we also asked the algorithm to group these blogs. The CyTRAP BlogRank helps you improve your Google PageRank, and target visitor traffic by focusing attention on engagement (e.g., reader comments), and social sharing (i.e. what gets shared on which social network).

Arieta Mujay is in charge of UK public relations for fashion brand River Island. Her suggestion is to engage with readers, be personal (e.g., writing style and Text Complexity Score), and come across as a professional with your blog posts (First Impressions Score; as outlined in The Blog Works II).

Conclusion – The winners are

Here is our list based on the numbers – 2013-08-31 – congratulations, and our hats off to you!

Update 2013-09-03: Thanks to @fashionknitsa for correction regarding – a US fashion blog from @BlairEadieBEE (now on the US list).

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Find the COMPLETE list hereCyTRAP BlogRank: 50 best UK fashion blogs 2013

How does a fashion brand decide which blog to sponsor?

Some have argued that trust remains an issue, because brands are still wary of the raft of inexperienced bloggers posting about their Spring line up.  Such content is, however, easily accessible, and while it may be in the raw and rough, bloggers can be quite successful by getting great resonance with their content among their loyal followers.

Brands should track the blogs they sponsor. This way, monitoring provides helpful feedback for the sponsor and the blogger on improving content to better engage and resonate with the target audience – customers. How a certain type of headline affects sharing of the blogger’s story about New York Fashion Week on Facebook matters to the brand and blogger alike. Systematic monitoring using CyTRAP BlogRank helps, so talk to us!

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Source: Top 50 UK fashion blogs

I look forward to your thoughts and comments below.

Did I miss YOUR blog? Please feel free to add your URL below.

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His latest book, Social Media Audit: Measure for Impact, appeared in November 2012 (Springer Science Publishers), and he is currently hard at work on the next one.

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  • Jake O’Neill

    Hi Urs

    Thanks for mentioning Cision’s Top 20 UK Fashion Blogs. As i’m sure you’ll appreciate, we don’t share the precise details of our influencer algorithm but the factors used to rank the content are included in the text (under the ranking) on each social media index post.

    We always invite anyone seeking further information to contact our researchers directly; their email addresses can be found at the bottom of posts. If you’d like to carry on this discussion, feel free to get in touch.

    Thanks again

    Jake O’Neill
    Editorial Coordinator, Cision UK

    •*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker

      Dear @MediaJake:twitter

      Thanks so much for your comment above which I truly appreciate.
      You write:
      “As i’m sure you’ll appreciate, we don’t share the precise details of our influencer algorithm but the factors used to rank the content are included in the text (under the ranking) on each social media index post.”

      I am not sure if I appreciate it because what you state on the page is as follows:
      “Cision’s blog ranking methodology takes into consideration social sharing, topic-related content and post frequency.”

      The above does not really tell me how these things work together. For instance, how does post frequency come into play, does it mean more posts is better? Is it?

      Maybe I am old fashioned. However, in this case I fail to comprehend how frequency of posts or topic-related content affect the ranking of one blog.

      Do you have anything more on your webpage explaining this? Thanks for sharing.
      Urs @ComMetrics:twitter

      • Jake O’Neill

        Hi Urs

        Thanks for your reply. For us, and our concept of influence, frequent posting is important. As is topic-related content; a lot of blogs cover a variety of topics and so to include them on a fashion blog ranking, and to say ‘This blog is influential in the fashion blogosphere’, requires them to have a certain level of fashion-specific content.

        Our rankings are used by a large number of PR professionals and brands in their collaboration decisions, and as such are quite a valuable resource. We don’t want it to be replicated easily, hence the deep-level secrecy.

        I hope that makes sense.

        •*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker

          Dear @mediajake:twitter

          Thanks for your reply. Can I infer from your reply above that you have no more information available online about your measurement approach?

          Nevertheless, your explanations above clarify two things for me very well about the influence measurement process Cision uses , namely:
          1 – Cision’s concept of influence is in part made up of frequency of posting
          PS. It seems as if you imply the more frequently one posts, the higher the blog’s influence; and
          2 – a certain level of blog content must be about fashion to make you include the blog in your fashion rankings.

          This still leaves open, if your methodology does in fact manage to measure influence.
          Certainly, this is a difficult concept to define… and even worse, operationalising the concept in order to measure it is not easy.

          As a scientist, I am used to my research findings including methodology being open to my peers’ assessment. This enables my colleagues to replicate my work.
          But I do understand that CISION does not abide to this philosophy. We have and continue to follow this mantra with CyTRAP BlogRank. Of course I respect your approach and admire you for getting your clients to accept it.

        • Jake O’Neill

          Hi Urs

          Our publicly available rankings are a by-product; the
          influencer scores have been developed (and we continue to develop them!) for PRs using our CisionPoint software. I appreciate that as an academic the process of peer review is very important, but as our motivations are commercial,
          we must keep our methodology secret so no competitors may replicate it.

          Becoming established and trusted for our rankings has taken a number of years, with key rankings – such as the Top 20 UK Fashion Blogs – being
          updated multiple times. As our target audience is predominantly PR professionals, our concept of influence revolves around their aims and may not
          be a universal truth for other professionals/academics.

          I can confirm that a high frequency of relevant content is one aspect of inclusion in our blog ranking. But, for the reasons outlined above, I’m afraid I cannot further divulge to what extent it is taken into
          consideration or the intricacies of other criteria.

          I’m sorry not to be able to answer all your queries, but
          hope you understand the reasoning behind my response.



        •*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker

          Dear Jake ( @mediaJake:twitter at @CisionUK:twitter )

          Again I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my queries.

          It looks as if concerns regarding competitiveness prevent you from publishing more insights about how you define influence and, most importantly, measure it (see your statements made above)

          I appreciate that. I am glad though that I can say that we publish what we use and how we go about it. No secret. But, maybe different to your system, it is a bit complex to duplicate what we do. Of course, anything can be duplicated as long as one has the resources and is willing to invest (called innovation – happens to all of us).

          In your situation, however, if one where interested one could just create one’s own influence measure. All it takes is to be more convincing than Cision. Of course, that is a hard act to follow!
          Nevertheless, this is what marketing is all about :-) Convincing customers and gaining their trust that your tool works.

          Merci for this discourse, Jake.
          @CyTRAP #BlogRank

  • Tina Boomerina

    Can I be on the top of the list for snarky bitchy boomer fashion sites in the US…. or the UK? My site is and I’m so far out of your demographics that you should make me happy and say, “Yes.”

    •*/*/*/CEO/top100 Urs E. Gattiker


      Thanks so much for this comment. I gladly add your site but please tell me if it is a US, UK site :-)

      If US pls. leave a comment here:

      Top 50 US fashion blogs- just click on text to be connected

      Thanks so much for telling me about your site.

  • Sabine

    I’m a blogger over 50 from Germany and I send you many greetings.

    Bling Over 50

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