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How should Coke engage with its consumers? Has it moved from broadcasting to engagement yet? The facts and numbers suggest not.

Plenty of cola, beer and car ads with a social media extravaganza. Here are the stats that matter.

Summary of trends and flops in the social media space: Ambush marketing and metrics on everything from World Cup to Coca-Cola, Twitter to Gulf of Aden pirates.

This blog post outlines why Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s difficulties effectively mastering social media channels could be an opportunity for your company.

ComMetrics Weekend – read what your competition does not want you to KNOW about Twitter, Coca Cola, Google, OECD WG on Bribery, another Windows security problem (with system patch) and more.

Coca-Cola was busted for so-called ‘kiddy-safe’ adverts in Australia that were misleading. The debacle is irresponsible and has soiled the household brand. We discuss the consequences for reputation and brand, as well as the business ethics implications.

Every car brand tries to reach its customers online and at car shows, but some need to go back to school while others pass with flying colours. Our assessment of your favourite brands.

What makes a great infographic? How do you make it go viral? 10 warning signs your infographic will sink.

Money and fame can help create buzz, but going viral and selling product is the challenge to master.

My new book Social Media Audit: Measure for Impact is shipping. I wanted to give you a chance to get it first!